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Dice & Board Games

These combination dice and board games, involve dice rolling for outcome, in advancing player pawns through the spaces of unique board game playing themes.
Have you ever yelled out "Bingo!" Come on. Didn't you go out and play with Grandma, or Mom?

This "Blingo" is much more hip. We put bling into "Blingo".

You have to more than bingo to win at this "Blingo".
"Bingo" is a board and dice rolling game:
  • Board and dice, bingo shaped playing concept
  • 2 each 8 sided dice
  • Playing board with player marking winks
Does God use Heaven's Angels, and Hell's Angels, to do his good work? I think so.

Try this higher plane of galactical rounds of voyages, collecting spirits, to reach higher levels on consciousness.

Roll the dice, voyage through strange clusters of unispheres. And, if you're worthy, execute God's deeds. Will the deesds be accomplished through Heaven's Angels, or Hell's Angels? Only a random turn of the spinner will tell.
"Don't Play God" is a board and dice game with pawns:
  • Spiritual and higher space playing theme
  • Double pawn playing concept
  • Voyages and levels, game advancement
  • 2 each 10 sided dice
  • Heaven's Angels and Hell's Angels spinner and playing cards

School may have been fun for some. But here's a game, fun for everyone.

"School's Out", a pleasant end that came every year, right around the time "Summer" gets here.

Enjoy your summer away from class. But before you do, make sure you pass. Roll the dice, figure out your moves, draw a card every summer, too.

Go back to school and feel young again, summer may not go your way.

"School's Out" is a dice rolling board game with pawns:

  • Elementary, High School, and College grading and advancement theme and concept
  • "School's Out" game board
  • 5 each yellow rolling dice
  • 26 each "Summer" bonus/penalty playing cards
  • Tally points and make grades to advance pawns

Lover of the beach. Lover of the sea. Is there any other place, that you'd rather be? "Surf & Sea" activities, all of intriguing fun. Here is where you'll find it. Right here, underneath the sun.

Collecting sea shells, snorkeling, surfing, kite surfing, and scuba diving. Here's a paradise that lets you enjoy all the pleasures of the "Surf & Sea".

Advance through the steps in all the beauty and fun surrounding a paradise. There's even deep sea fishing with this fun. But, watch out for the mishaps along the way, in being the first player to master all the "Surf & Sea" activities.

"Surf & Sea" is a board and dice game with pawns:

  • Surf and sea theme
  • Surf and sea activities game board
  • 5 each blue rolling dice
  • 52 cards each, bonus/penalty playing deck
  • Roll dice to advance pawns
Three dice can move you so much.

Roll 3 dice on a playing board. Total the dice and divide by three. Where you'll move, only then will you see.

Follow the moves, and don't be last. And if you roll 3 of a kind, you'll have to pass.
"Thr3e Dice" is a board and dice rolling game:
  • Board and dice playing concept
  • 3 each 6 sided dice
  • Playing board with spaces and player pawns
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